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GoDaddy’s Unlimited Upload File Size – Know The Facts

Recently there has been an argument on the GoDaddy Support Forums over the ability to upload files with no file size limit. You can view this thread here.

The thread began by jchasko who questioned a file size limit after receiving failures  upon uploading files around 4 gigabytes (GB).  GoDaddy Forums staff member christianh replied by referencing to an article on the GoDaddy Support website.

The article states that the upload file size limit is 1GB per file or 1GB total for all the files being uploaded at one time. Also, the upload size is limited by the space available on the user’s account. The article seems to explain the uploading limits clearly.

In another thread, viewable here, a few members requested cancellation of their accounts and refunds for not being given SFTP – a secure connection to their online storage folders.

One member, web_site_creat says:

Add me to the list. A secure connection is a must, there’s no good excuse not to have sftp or some sort of encryption without using the https://onlinefilefolder.com interface.

GoDaddy Forum staff member JasonP replied in the original thread that the upload file size limit is in fact 2GB – NOT 1GB as previously stated in the article provided and by christianh. About a month later, the same staff member, JasonP, then replies and says the upload limit is 1GB. This is after he said 1GB was wrong and that it should be a 2GB file size limit for uploads.

As if this was not enough confusion for the web hosting users, there was further complications with the GoDaddy’s features list. The Online Storage webpage from www.godaddy.com shows plans, pricing, comparisons between the GoDaddy features and other competitors, and more. On this page it states that with the GoDaddy services you get “Unlimited Sharing – Both for the number of files AND the file size.”

GoDaddy.com's Storage Features Comparison List

Following this statement is subtext in fine print that states “Subject to plan storage space limits” – which is suppose to clarify that file size limits are different for different accounts and their specifications. The problem is that this doesn’t quite simplify things or shine any light on the true details. In fact, upload file size limits are capped at 2GB according to most users’ experience at GoDaddy. That’s not even what the article that many staff members referred to says, as it claims the upload limit to be only 1GB total.

User bbakersmith comments about the upload file size limit and its intangibility:

Are you planning to update the information on https://www.godaddy.com/email/online-storage.aspx? You’ve obviously been made aware of this issue and yet it still states that the file size limit is “Unlimited” and that one of the features you offer is “Unlimited Sharing°. Both for the number of files AND the file size.”

The “°Subject to plan storage space limits” fine print doesn’t seem adequate as this implies that the max file size is the same as the max storage size.

All in all, the lesson here is that you must always read the fine print before making your final decision and ultimately, your purchase. File size limits can be an important point that must be covered when dealing with web hosting or server space because you may need access to large files such as: videos, downloads, programs, executable files, etc.

Always consider every possible need for your web hosting or server. Many times, companies will require you to purchase Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to acquire unlimited file sizes for upload and other undesired restrictions.

Thanks for reading.

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Digital Point Forums

If you are a web developer, designer, programmer, or just a user of the web then you should probably be a member of the Digital Point Forums. Here you will find web masters by the thousands who post and discuss topics all related to online function. Whether you run your own website, are looking to, or are just curious about the way the internet works – this is a great forum to be a part of.

The forums cover a range of categories such as:

  • Search Engines
  • Online Marketing
  • Running a Business
  • Web Design & Development
  • Helpful Products & Tools
Digital Point Forums Index

I personally use Digital Point for learning more on online marketing techniques, link exchange and link building, programming ideas, and primarily – buying and selling services.

Click here to contact me on Digital Point for your web development needs!

On Digital Point users’ reputations go by their “Feedback Score” which is the positive or negative value each user has which comes from their business on the forums. When a user receives negative feedback – i.e. the user did not meet expectations or did not complete their work – then their feedback score is lowered, and vice versus the feedback is increased when positive feedback is received. This method allows users to know those who are reliable and professional in their work.

You can search forums for sales by looking for the [WTS] – “Want to Sell” tag applied the thread titles in forums like services, domains, etc. or if you want to sell a service/product of your own you can look for threads including the [WTB] – “Want to Buy” tag. There is also [WTT] or “Want to Trade” which you can look for to trade goods for services or whatever it may be.

Overall, Digital Point is another great resource to have for any web master or interested user.

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Battlefield Games, Downloads, Videos, and more!

If you are interested in playing Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, 2142, BF 2, Vietnam; any or all – then BFGamerz.com is your ultimate Battlefield resource. On every Battlefield game you can find free downloads, reviews, videos, forums, and soon a Battlefield League! Registration is quick and free, join today and browse the forums and find clans worldwide or get a super quick direct download FREE for any game any time.

Currently I am working on the new theme and setup in Drupal. This is taking some time and will be a while before it is ready on the new system. However you can still visit the old site here.

BFGamerz.com has tons of free content for the Battlefield games (ALWAYS growing):

  • Downloads
  • Screenshots
  • Maps
  • Reviews
  • League
  • so much more…

I made this website starting back in about June of 2008. I’ve just been slowly piecing it together to reach its entirety. The league still needs to be finished, however it has a great resource for Battlefield games. Anyone who would like to be a leader of this website and submit downloads, screen shots, videos, maps, reviews, or anything on the site please send me an email at brian@bgallz.org. I am working on getting a Bad Company 2 server currently for the website to reach some publicity in game as well as on some advertisements. Right now I need some help gathering all of the data.

But if you like to play the Battlefield games, please sign up and make some posts.

Click here to visit BFGamerz.com – Battlefield Games, Talk, and more…

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