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Battlefield 2142 v1.51 Patch – Final Release!

Battlefield 2142 v1.51 Final Patch
Download the latest Battlefield 2142 patch!

After a beta release of the patch version 1.51 for Battlefield 2142, EA Games has released a final patch now available for download. The patch includes a number of bug fixes, an increase in account security, four brand new maps, and the unlock of the expansion pack “Northern Strike” for all players with the patch installed. You will need patch 1.50 installed before installing 1.51.

You can download the Battlefield 2142 v1.50 Full Patch (525.30 MB) full patch here:

Patch Notes:

  • No Digital Rights Management on BF2142.exe file.
  • Northern Strike expansion free for all.
  • Four new maps: Strike at Karkand 2142 Operation Blue Pearl, Yellow Knife, and Molokai.
  • Account security updates.
  • Added fix for nVidia drivers to solve tinitus visual effect.
  • Hit detection bug fix: Changed so that latency compensation history takes correct stored positions from buffer.
  • Updated as_titan_wake.tweak to allow for two attack choppers instead of the one previously allowed.

Download the full update and much more at BFGamerz.com here:

Click here to download the Battlefield 2142. v1.51 Full Patch!

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Battlefield Games, Downloads, Videos, and more!

If you are interested in playing Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, 2142, BF 2, Vietnam; any or all – then BFGamerz.com is your ultimate Battlefield resource. On every Battlefield game you can find free downloads, reviews, videos, forums, and soon a Battlefield League! Registration is quick and free, join today and browse the forums and find clans worldwide or get a super quick direct download FREE for any game any time.

Currently I am working on the new theme and setup in Drupal. This is taking some time and will be a while before it is ready on the new system. However you can still visit the old site here.

BFGamerz.com has tons of free content for the Battlefield games (ALWAYS growing):

  • Downloads
  • Screenshots
  • Maps
  • Reviews
  • League
  • so much more…

I made this website starting back in about June of 2008. I’ve just been slowly piecing it together to reach its entirety. The league still needs to be finished, however it has a great resource for Battlefield games. Anyone who would like to be a leader of this website and submit downloads, screen shots, videos, maps, reviews, or anything on the site please send me an email at brian@bgallz.org. I am working on getting a Bad Company 2 server currently for the website to reach some publicity in game as well as on some advertisements. Right now I need some help gathering all of the data.

But if you like to play the Battlefield games, please sign up and make some posts.

Click here to visit BFGamerz.com – Battlefield Games, Talk, and more…

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