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Battlefield 2142 v1.51 Patch – Final Release!

Battlefield 2142 v1.51 Final Patch
Download the latest Battlefield 2142 patch!

After a beta release of the patch version 1.51 for Battlefield 2142, EA Games has released a final patch now available for download. The patch includes a number of bug fixes, an increase in account security, four brand new maps, and the unlock of the expansion pack “Northern Strike” for all players with the patch installed. You will need patch 1.50 installed before installing 1.51.

You can download the Battlefield 2142 v1.50 Full Patch (525.30 MB) full patch here:

Patch Notes:

  • No Digital Rights Management on BF2142.exe file.
  • Northern Strike expansion free for all.
  • Four new maps: Strike at Karkand 2142 Operation Blue Pearl, Yellow Knife, and Molokai.
  • Account security updates.
  • Added fix for nVidia drivers to solve tinitus visual effect.
  • Hit detection bug fix: Changed so that latency compensation history takes correct stored positions from buffer.
  • Updated as_titan_wake.tweak to allow for two attack choppers instead of the one previously allowed.

Download the full update and much more at BFGamerz.com here:

Click here to download the Battlefield 2142. v1.51 Full Patch!

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PHP Favicon Generator Script

I decided to make a free easy to use favicon generating script that uses PHP. The script has a few features and requirements when uploading your image to be converted to a favicon. First the script checks for a few things such as file type, file size, if the directory is writable, and the specified dimensions. You can create a 16×16 icon or a 32×32 icon.

This PHP Favicon Generator Script first checks the form submitted for the following:

  • Valid file size. (Default: Max 75kb)
  • Valid file types. (Valid extensions are defaulted to image files)
  • Writable directory for favicons.

Then, once verifying these variables, we create a temporary image file on our server with the new dimensions gathered from the form (16×16 or 32×32). We then copy the uploaded image file’s contents over to the temporary file, while resizing it. Once the temporary image file has the new width, height, and copied graphical output, we can transfer this temporary data to a file on our server. Finally, we rename this image file to have a favicon file extension (.ico). Wallah!

Click here to check out the demo for this script!

Just select the image file you want converted to a 16×16 or 32×32 icon and hit submit! It’s that easy.

Here’s the PHP function we want to include in our header, prior to loading the HTML:

[codesyntax lang=”php” title=”Favicon Generator Script”]
// bgallz.org – Web coding and design tutorials, scripts, resources and more.
// favicon Generator Script
function generate_favicon(){
// Create favicon.
$postvars = array(“image” => trim($_FILES[“image”][“name”]),
“image_tmp”        => $_FILES[“image”][“tmp_name”],
“image_size”    => (int)$_FILES[“image”][“size”],
“image_dimensions”    => (int)$_POST[“image_dimensions”]);
$valid_exts = array(“jpg”,”jpeg”,”gif”,”png”);
$ext = end(explode(“.”,strtolower(trim($_FILES[“image”][“name”]))));
$directory = “./favicon/”; // Directory to save favicons. Include trailing slash.
$rand = rand(1000,9999);
$filename = $rand.$postvars[“image”];

// Check not larger than 175kb.
if($postvars[“image_size”] <= 179200){
// Check is valid extension.
if($ext == “jpg” || $ext == “jpeg”){
$image = imagecreatefromjpeg($postvars[“image_tmp”]);
else if($ext == “gif”){
$image = imagecreatefromgif($postvars[“image_tmp”]);
else if($ext == “png”){
$image = imagecreatefrompng($postvars[“image_tmp”]);
list($width,$height) = getimagesize($postvars[“image_tmp”]);
$newwidth = $postvars[“image_dimensions”];
$newheight = $postvars[“image_dimensions”];
$tmp = imagecreatetruecolor($newwidth,$newheight);

// Copy the image to one with the new width and height.

// Create image file with 100% quality.
imagejpeg($tmp,$directory.$filename,100) or die(‘Could not make image file’);
// Image created, now rename it to its
$ext_pos = strpos($rand.$postvars[“image”],”.” . $ext);
$strip_ext = substr($rand.$postvars[“image”],0,$ext_pos);
// Rename image to .ico file
return ‘<strong>Icon Preview:</strong><br/>
<img src=”‘.$directory.$strip_ext.’.ico” border=”0″ title=”Favicon  Image Preview” style=”padding: 4px 0px 4px 0px;background-color:#e0e0e0″ /><br/>
Favicon successfully generated. <a href=”‘.$directory.$strip_ext.’.ico” target=”_blank” name=”Download favicon.ico now!”>Click here to download your favicon.</a>’;
} else {
“File was not created.”;
} else {
return ‘The directory: “‘.$directory.'” is not writable.’;
} else {
return ‘The directory: “‘.$directory.'” is not valid.’;

} else {
return “Could not create image file.”;
} else {
return “File size too large. Max allowed file size is 175kb.”;
} else {
return “Invalid file type. You must upload an image file. (jpg, jpeg, gif, png).”;

Then we must include the HTML form that will submit the image and dimensions to PHP:

[codesyntax lang=”html4strict” title=”HTML Form”]
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd”>
<html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />
<title>PHP Favicon Generator Script from bgallz.org</title>

<h2>Create Your Favicon</h2>
<form action=”index.php?do=create”  enctype=”multipart/form-data” method=”post”>Image Dimensions:<br />
<select style=”width: 170px;” name=”image_dimensions”>
<option selected=”selected” value=”16″>16px x 16px</option>
<option value=”32″>32px x 32px</option>
<p><span style=”font-size: 14pt;”>Favicon Image:</span></p>
<input name=”image” size=”40″ type=”file” />
<input style=”font: 14pt verdana;” name=”submit” type=”submit” value=”Submit!” />
<p><a href=”https://bgallz.dev/488/php-favicon-generator-script/” target=”_blank”>PHP Favicon Generator Script</a> from <strong>bgallz.org</strong></p>

So we have the function included in our header, and the form is presented by the code above. Now we just need to call the function when our GET value for “do” is set to “create” – which the form does for us.

Here is the PHP to include after the HTML form:

[codesyntax lang=”php” title=”After Form PHP”]
if($_GET[“do”] == “create”){

// Call the generate favicon function and echo its returned value
$gen_favicon = generate_favicon();
echo $gen_favicon;
echo “Place your download instructions and anything else you want here to follow the download link after upload.”;



Also be sure to follow this PHP with the closing tags for HTML:

[code lang=”html4strict”]

Be sure to include the HTML head tags in your HTML pages that use the favicon. These are given on the script’s index and on the demo.

This header HTML looks like this:

<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="./favicon.ico">


How to Force Download for .ico Files

Open a new text document in notepad. Paste the following code within the document:

[code lang=”htaccess”]
<FilesMatch “\.(?i:ico|gif|png|jpg|jpeg)$”>
Header set Content-Disposition attachment

Now save this file as “.htaccess” exactly like that. Place this file in the directory you are saving your .ico files to for download. This will force the access of these files (ico, png, gif, jpeg) to be a download only type.

Thanks for reading!

Click here to download the script!

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